Featured Speakers WAAARNEM 2017

Dr Matt Stefanelli, MD, MBA
French & European Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
EBOPRAS Member (European Board of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery)
CFCPRE Member (French College of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery)
IClass Anatomy Co-Founder & CEO
WorldPlast Charity Foundation Co-Founder & CEO
Dr. Matt STEFANELLI is a French and European Board certified Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon. He is member of the French College of Plastic Surgery (CFCPRE) and the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery (EBOPRAS). His main activities are Aesthetic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, & Genital Plastic Surgery.

Dr. STEFANELLI is involved in anatomy education being the co-founder and president of the International Society of Anatomy for Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (ISAAMS), and also the co- founder & CEO of iClass Anatomy, the educational affiliate of ISAAMS.

Dr. STEFANELLI is consultant in aesthetics for various companies, performing anatomy workshops & live demos worldwide.

In addition, Dr. STEFANELLI holds a Master of Business Administration in Heath Management and gets involved in volunteer plastic surgery in Africa, South America and Asia as the co-founder and general secretary of WorldPlast Charity Foundation

Master Class Training IClass Anatomy Session: Clinical Video Anatomy for Aesthetic Medicine Procedures of Face, Hand and Female Genital – Full day session
Anatomy Education in Aesthetic Medicine
Interest of PRP in Female Genital

Dr Shamim Daya
Dr Shamim Daya holds a Bachelor of Medicine degree from Southampton University (1985).

Following the year of House Surgeon and House Physician she took 10 months out to reflect on which area of Medicine to pursue.

She decided to do a postgraduate training in General Practice, which for the next 5 years took her to different locations and hospitals in England to cover all the necessary specialities towards becoming a General Practitioner.

In 1990, she obtained the Diploma for the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and following her General Practice Training in Richmond she obtained her certificate for the Joint Committee on Postgraduate Training for General Practice in 1991.

In 1992 she joined a practice in Richmond as a part time principal until 1994 when she strongly felt the need and urge to further expand on her postgraduate training to now cover some aspects such as Nutritional Medicine which she felt was missing, yet an extremely appropriate and necessary complement to General Practice.

This strong interest led her to take up the unique opportunity of working as a Nutritional Physician at Biolab Medical Unit in London between 1994 and 1997.

The Safe Prescribing of Bio identical Hormones

Dr May Lynn Yeap
Dr May Lynn Yeap is a paediatrician with a broad range of experience, gaining MRCPCH in 1999 and clinical research doctorate (MD) in Neuro-Endocrinology on the Late-effects of Childhood Leukaemia in 2009. This period of research allowed her to study psychoneuroendoimmunology (PNEI) and gain qualifications `in homeopathy (2007) and then integrative medicine (DipSIM pge) in 2012. She is currently managing children with neurological diseases.

She use ‘Aging’ as a hook to get the audience, to come listen to her talks. She will present research evidence from her own clinical research data and also the scientific literature, that children exposed to toxicity intentionally as a treatment modality develop Aging diseases like diabetes, loss of muscle mass, increased fat mass, obesity, thyroid dysfunction, HPA axis dysfunction (adrenal weakness) i.e. generalised hormone dysfunction which needs replacing with HRT. She can then also show cases of other diseases in children of our modern times which are deemed due to toxicity like Autism, can be ameliorated and improved using IM treatments.

“Aging” in Children: IM (Integrative Medicine) Methods for Healing

Dr med Dipl. Pad Isa Bittel
After her final year at the Medical Department of the University Hamburg, Germany Dr Isa spent 6 months with training in Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia, followed by a scholarship from the Australian Government 1988. She worked in Germany, e.g. in the Paediatric Department of the University of Erlangen and in the Psychosomatic Clinic in Nuremberg, did a complete training as psychotherapist for children, adolescents and adults and specialized in Psychosomatic Medicine. She added complementary and integrative approaches like homoeopathy and energy healing techniques to advance the therapy option for patients mostly not treatable with typical western medicine approaches. In 2008 she had the opportunity to come back for a psychiatric training in Logan Hospital, Queensland. Since returning back to Germany in 2009, she is working with three Child Psychiatrists and her team in leading positions in two practices in Nuremberg and Lauf / Germany with patients of all ages, mainly treating patients with chronic mental disorders and psychosomatic issues, leaky gut, chronic fatigue and wellness patients.

Advancing Stem Cell Therapies: Clinical Applications of Young Tissue Extract

Associate Professor Dr Michael Mathai
BSc Hons
Michael Mathai has a background in neurophysiology and nutrition research. He trained at the Florey Neuroscience Institute and then the Max-Planck Institute for Physiology and Clinical Research, before joining the College of Health and Biomedicine at Victoria University in Melbourne, where he is an Associate Professor in the Medical Sciences Program. His current research is in neurohormonal mechanisms underpinning cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, and he is especially interested in angiotensin and endocannabinoid signaling, and the efficacy of micronutrient intervention in the prevention and treatment of disease. More recent research has also investigated the effect of specific nutrients on muscle physiology to improve exercise performance and recovery.

Supplementation with Tocotrienols Reduces Hypertension and Improves Exercise Capacity in Diet-induced Obesity
Anthocyanin-Rich Plum Juice Reduces Blood Pressure in Overweight and Obese People with Mild Hypertension

Prof Claus Dr Muss D Dr.Med, PhD
Claus Muss has completed his doctorates in Medical School Munich and Veterinary School Berlin and his PhD in Public Health Science at St. Elizabeth University Bratislava (SK) where after habilitation he was appointed as Associate Professor. Besides his clinical activities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, he is head of the world wide networking International Research group of applied Preventive Medicine, Coauthor of 7 scientific journals and over 87 own publications.

Basics of Medical Nutrition
Anti-stress Diet? New Aspects of Human Nutrition from Stress Research
“Leaky Gut” – A New Diagnosis Explaining the Cause of Chronic Diseases and Forced Aging Process?
Health Policy and Management in Nutrition – Examples from Europe and Asia
Child Adolescent Nutrition Health Promotion

Prof Dr Enno Freye
Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf (Germany) Intensive Care Medicine, Preventive Medicine.

Paradigm shift in Neurodegenerative Disease- the Gut-Brain Axis
Alternative Treatment Methods for Chronic Pain Patients

Prof Dr Karl Neeser
Chula Longkorn University Bangkok Thailand – Public health

Karl J. Neeser, Ph.D., born 1947, is one of Switzerland’s leading Anti-Aging Research Scientists, author of several anti-aging books. He is a worldwide appreciated Health Consultant, Key Speaker, Board Member and Senior Lecturer at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine A4M, and lives in Switzerland and Bangkok/Thailand where he is currently a Professor at Chulalongkorn University College of Public Health Science. One of his special field is “The Exercise-Health Connection”. Furthermore, he works with scientists from Canada in the field of Molecular Resonance Effect Technology and its Influence on Human Physiology.

Impact of Physical Activity on Health and Longevity

Prof Dr Tilman Fritsch
Visiting Professor State University Arad (Romania)

The Impact of a Healthy Mouth Cavity on our Aging Process and Health?
Metals Do Not Belong into the Oral Cavity! Consideration of Chronic Diseases from the Perspective of an Anti-Aging Dentist

Prof MUDr. Vladimír Krčméry

Public Health Issues in Food Industry
PR and Insurance and Healthcare Sector
Health Policy and Management in Nutrition – Examples from Europe and Asia
Occupational Health, Health Protection in HCW
Child Adolescent Nutrition Health Promotion
Radiation and Environmental Issues

Prof Dr Marian Karvaj
College of Health & Social Work St Elizabeth University

New Polyphenois in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases

Prof Dr Stanislaw Dawidziuk
Dr hc Mult
Prof Stanislaw is an academic teacher who specialises in the following subjects: study of entrepreneurship and theory of education. Interests mainly in the scope of issues of efficient leadership in educational institutions and contemporary theory of education.

The Role of UTW in Preventing the Marginalization of the Senior

Prof Dr Ing Pawel Czarnecki
Dr hc Mult
Warsaw Management University Poland

Paweł Czarnecki – university lecturer and manager, full professor of social sciences, Doctor of Humanities (Post-Doctoral Degree) (prof. dr hab. inż., M.Sc., MBA, LL.M, MPH, Dr h. c.). He has received his education in subjects including philosophy, theology, administration, management and social work. He is the author of numerous articles and scientific books published in Poland and abroad.

Problems of “Old Age” in the Education of Social Workers in Poland

Dr Francois Marik
  • Doctor in Pharmacy from PARIS University in 1985
  • M.B.A. E.M. LYON in 1986
  • C.E.O of trading companies in Australia and Spain from 1987 till 1994
  • Founder and C.E.O. of AYERS : Exclusive French Distributor from 1995 till 2012 of the Swiss Cellular brand : CELLAP
    (Cellcosmet, Cellmen)
  • C.E.O. of the French Laboratory JEAN D’ESTREES from 2009 till 2013
  • Founder, owner and C.E.O. of JANAKPUR in France (Brands manufacturer) since 2009
  • Owner and C.E.O of L.B.A. France –Laboratoire de Biogénèse Appliquée – (French Cellular brands : Biogénèse Hibernée,
    B3) from 1995 till 2004 and since 2014

Dymanic Bio-molecular Nano-filtrated Cellular Therapy for Total Skin Regeneration and Anti-Aging

Dr Philip Choy
Philip Chou Siu Lung, ND, is currently the President of the Hong Kong Academy of Naturopathy and a professional member for the American Naturopathic Medical Association. He is also the Secretary (ANMA – HK Office) and HK & Macau Representative (Far East) and official Examiner (ANMA – HK Office) for said Association.

Philip obtained his B.Sc in Natural Medicine in Camden University in the USA (Aug 2008) and was certified a Naturopathic Doctor by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board in October 2006. He was a Clinical Dietician with the PRC in the National Health Industry during the period of Nov 2006 to October 2007. He also obtained his B.Sc in Biology from the HK Baptist University (Sep85 to Jun88), Certificate in Animal Technology (HK Polytechnic – Sep86 to Jun88), Certificate in Pet Health & Preventive Care (HK Polytechnic University – Mar09 to Jun09), Certificate in Human Anatomy (Shanghai Chinese Medicine University – Nov08 to Dec08), Childcare Practitioner (MOLSS – PRC), Certificate in Chinese Medicine (Chinese University of Hong Kong) and various certifications of Clinical Sleep Medicine, Wilderness Medicine for Healthcare Professionals, Obstetrics and Clinical Ophthalmology from the Federal of Medical Societies of Hong Kong.

LLLT Blood Irradiation – a Marvel Approach to Healing by the Restoration of Systemic Imbalances
Return to the Roots: Introducing the Latest Swiss Deep-freezed Bio-ultrafiltration Technology for Total Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation

Dr Roni Lara Moya
Biomedical Doctor from Sao Paulo, Brazil, living in Portugal, Lisbon.

Biomedicine – University of Mogi das Cruzes, Sao Paulo.
Specialization in Anti-Aging Medicine – Seville University, Spain
Master Science in Molecular and Cellular Immunology and Biology – University of Coimbra, Portugal Master Science in Clinical Advanced Nutrition – University of Barcelona, Spain
PhD in Biomedicine and Immunology – Gulbenkian Institute of Science and Coimbra University.
Coordinator of Orthomolecular Medicine of ReGenera Research Group for Aging Intervention
Professor and Director of the Graduation Program in Orthomolecular Therapy – CESPU University, Portugal. Scientific Advisor for Nutraceuticals and Cell Therapy Companies in Europe

Intravenous Antioxidants, Laetrile and Artesunate as Integrative Treatment in Oncology

Dr Anoop Chaturvedi
Dr Anoop Chaturvedi is an alumni of Harvard Business School, USA and one of the world’s leading experts on anti-aging, weight loss and age management medicine. He is the CEO and Founder of World Antiaging Network and also the co-founder of the Society of Antiaging Medicine and Research (AMAR 0 India), which provides educational, clinical, and research support for physicians. Dr Chaturvedi is also and international lecturer at wellness forums and conferences on natural bioidentical hormones (BIHRT) for the treatment and prevention of age related conditions, weight management and neurotransmitterw balancing for aging brain. He is a frequent instructor at medical conferences in the USA, China, India, France, Italy, South Africa, Dubai and Southeast Asia. He is frequently appearing as an Antiaging expert on TV channels in USA and India.

Adaptogens in Antiaging
Genetic and Diet
NEURODIET: Hunger Craving and Weight Gain. It’s all in the Brain

Dr Michael Elstein
Dr Michael Elstein is a physician practicing at The Eternal Health Medical Centre in Sydney, Australia.
His areas of specialty include Anti-Ageing medicine, allergy testing, nutritional and dietary therapy, sexual health and weight-loss.

Dr Elstein is the clinical director of the first Anti-Ageing program to be instituted in Sydney, Australia, and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine. He is one of an elite band of physicians in Australia who are board certified with the Academy.

Dr Michael Elstein has appeared on radio and television with regard to matters of health and well- being. He has presented talks and seminars to doctors and the lay public around Australia on matters of health and well-being.

Having been in clinical practice for the past eighteen years, Dr Elstein has a wealth of experience in the alternative health field, and has also completed post-graduate studies in acupuncture, herbal medicine, iridology, nutritional medicine and psychotherapy.

Dr Michael Elstein is a Fellow of the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. Anti-Ageing medicine is his current passion and he is the author of ‘Eternal Health’ and ‘You Have the Power’, which are available on the e-Books tab, as an e-book through his website.

Dr Elstein has just attained a Masters in Nutrition from RMIT University located in Melbourne.

Probiotics – Can they Prevent Aging?
Antioxidant, Panacea for Aging or Pariah?

Dr. A. Sreekumar
Dr A. Sreekumar is a Senior Consultant in ENT and Head and Neck Surgeon with more than 34 years of clinical practice and has been actively practicing Nutritional medicine for the last 14 years.

Dr. Sreekumar is a Fellow of Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (FACNEM).

He is the Founder and Managing Director of Wellness Solutions India that was launched in 2002. This has now more than 5 branches in India and has crossed 2,000,000 mark in client strength. He has trained more than 100 doctors in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine in India and internationally. Has conducted more than hundred seminars, medical camps, written in various magazines and newspapers and attended various TV shows with regard to Nutrition & Wellness.

He has been an invited speaker in various international conferences in Anti-Ageing Medicine and Nutritional Congress in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Dubai, and has conducted 5 international conferences in India.

Dr. Sreekumar is recipient of Rajeev Gandhi Shiromani Award for the year 2011 for his outstanding service in the field of Medicine.

Mental Health Balancing

Dr Sudha Chepyala
Dr. (Sree) Sudha Chepyala, M.B.B.S.,M.D (Med) is an American Board Certified Physician, completed her postgraduate training and received her doctor of medicine from Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas USA. Dr Sudha is the co- founder and medical director of eternesse medical center in Hyderabad India. Currently practicing as an Integrative Medicine physician with Anti-Aging, preventive and Regenerative medicine at the eternesse medical center in Hyderabad, India.

She also specialized in Bariatric Medicine, Anti-Aging procedures from Aesthetic Medicine, as well as Body contouring procedures like Awake Liposuction as well as Non-surgical Facelift from American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association in USA. In addition to General Medicine practice her experience includes OBGYN, family practice, occupational medicine Nutritional medicine and alternative medicine as well. Dr Sudha is an ardent and passionate advocate of the multi-disciplinary, wellness medicine in an integrated approach to health. She has been a speaker at multiple conferences and radio show host and author on a multitude of subjects, most notably male and female hormone imbalances and Nutrition Medicine, Her eclectic method of treatment is sought after by her loyal patients.

Diet and the Environment: Does What You Eat Matter?

Dr Tanjung Subrata
Tanjung Subrata has dedicated himself to the education of health and fitness to the Indonesian people. He serves as lecturer and researcher at Faculty of Medicine Warmadewa University, where he develops a unique and distinct approach in the treatment of musculoskeletal injury with acupuncture needle. He holds key positions at various health, fitness and bodybuilding organizations, including Rai Institute Fitness Education, Indonesian Diabetes Educators Association (PEDI), and Indonesia’s Bodybuilding Federation. Dr. Tanjung also known as Doctor T is also a respected speaker at various medical, health, acupuncture, anti-aging & fitness conferences.

Exercise Optimizing Testosterone and Growth Hormone
Myofascial Dry Needling for Musculoskeletal Disorder

Dr Leroy Rebello
Dr Leroy Rebello received his Under Graduate Medical Degree from Mumbai University. He went on to do his diploma in Dermatology from St. John Hospital, Australia. Following which in 2008, he did his PhD. with a special interest in ocular pathology and lasers. Followed by in medical practice he has treated innumerable difficult and incurable cases in his illustrious career so far. Dr Rebello also lectured in reputed Institutions in India as well as international conferences in USA, Thailand, and Malaysia.

He has participated in various clinical trials and has over 10 research papers published in indexed journals. He is the first doctor to introduce HPLPRP- 2X in India. He is a pioneer in PRP and the use of advanced cell therapy. Dr. Leroy Rebello is one of the founding directors of and eternesse medical center and product development company BIOTEX Life Inc. Currently a Research scientist working on Plant stem cells to incorporate into human stem cells for Regeneration as of now only as a Research and Development lab in (IKP) Innovative Knowledge Park.

Master Class 2 – Aesthetic Medicine: Facial and Neck Rejuvenation with PRP Technique
Basic of Lasers

Dr Dmitry K Dee
Upon completion of his Medical Degree and specialization in General Surgery, Minimally-invasive Surgery and Surgical Endoscopy, Dr. Dmitry proceeded with PhD in emergency and reconstructive surgery and became an Associate Professor in department of Surgery in LSMU (UA). After a decade of vast surgical practice in Europe, he further specialized in Aesthetic Surgery and Cell Therapy. He is qualified in emergency, elective and reconstructive surgery, participated in clinical research and trials and has a long experience in lecturing and training medical sciences.

In 2009 he has accepted an offer to work in South-east Asia. Over the years of work in Asia he presented in multiple Congresses, facilitated surgical workshops and seminars, took part in establishing the hepato-pancreato-biliary unit in one of the hospitals, was awarded a grant from the Japanese Society of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery and was participating in transplant team.

Dr. Dee is also a member of the International Society of Interdisciplinary Anti-aging Medicine, Certified German trained doctor for Ozone therapy in General Medicine, Cancer treatment and Aesthetics (Germany), Board member of International Society of Stem cell transplantation, and completed Advanced Course of Facial Aesthetic rejuvenation. He is currently the Head of the Medical Advisory Board of European Wellness Centers Inc. and Stellar Biomolecular Research (Germany).

Therapeutic Applications of Latest Generation of Organ-specific Peptides: Mito Organelles – a Fusion of Cell Therapy and Mitochondrial Medicine
New Trends in Immunotherapy as Complementary Treatment of Cancer, Immunodeficiency and Autoimmune Diseases

Dr Sebastian Torres Farr
Maxillo Facial Surgery Specialist, obtained with maximum distinction, March 2013, Messina University, Italy
Medical doctor degree, Catholic University of Santiago Chile, January 2004, obtained with maximum distinction

– Master in Breast Surgery, Humanitas Group, Medical Evidence, Milan
– Master in Open Rhinoseptoplasty, Sacro Cuore Cattolica University, Roma,
– Master in Dentofacial Abnormalities – Orthognatic Surgery Planning, Ortomax foundation, Madrid, Spain
– Master in Aesthetic Medicine, International school of Aesthetic medicine, Fatenebenefratelli Foundation, Rome

Private Practice since March 2013, at:
i) Raprui surgical center-Rome, Lazio, Italy
ii) San Paolo Surgical Center- Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy

Treatment of Facial Critical Areas: Tips and Tricks

Dr Wong Mun Yew
Managing Director, Imagene Labs
Dr Wong Mun Yew currently serves as the Managing Director at Imagene Labs. In his current role, he oversees Imagene Labs’ [include responsibilities]. Dr Wong is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Asia Genomics Pte Ltd, a post he held since October 2013 and manages a growing team across the region, including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam

Prior to his position at Imagene Labs and Asia Genomics, Dr Wong was a family physician at the National University of Singapore Health Centre and a medical officer at the Singapore Health Services Pte Ltd. Dr Wong also has investment experience in healthcare, IT and technology and more.
Dr Wong holds a medical degree and Diploma in Dermatology from the National University of Singapore. With professional affiliations with the Singapore Medical Council and the United Kingdom General Medical Council, he has led medical relief missions in Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Dr Wong is also passionate about entrepreneurship, having personally invested in Singapore-based technology start-ups such as JuvoLabs and Minds and Hands.

Preventive Wellness through Genetics

Dr Richard DeAndrea
Regenex Holdings, Singapore, Medical Director
State University of New York Medical Doctorate
City University of New York Bachelor of Arts

Cornell University’s Lenox Hill Hospital General Surgery
Other Studies

American Naturopathic Medical Association Naturopathic Degree, Herbal Healer Academy Herbalist, Long Beach Memorial Hospital Hyperbaric Medicine, 1999

GCMAF (4th Generation): ImmunoD a New Generation of Immunotherapy