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Speakers’ Profile


Prof Dr Claus Muss

Claus Muss has completed his doctorates in Medical School Munich and Veterinary School Berlin and his PhD in Public Health Science at St Elizabeth University Bratislava (SK) where after habitation he was appointed as Associate Professor. Besides his clinical activities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, he is head of the world wide networking International Research group of applied Preventive Medicine, Co-author of 7 scientific journals and over 87 own publications.


Prof MUDr Vladimir Krcmery

Prof MUDr Vladimir Krcmery DrSc, FRSP, FACP, Drhc Graduated medical school at Commenius Univ, continued his postdoc fellowship at prof Adams lab in LMU Munich, Cornell at Prof Armstrong and Harvard at Prof Moellering. He became associate professor in medicine and later specialized in Oncology, Pharmacology and at 1993 in Vienna at Prof Granninger in Trop Infect Dis. Became a dean in Trnavaa 1994, emeritus rector at St Elizabeth Univ in 2004 in Bratislava. Invited lectures in Boston, Miami, Denver, London, Geneva, Brussels, Yokohama, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore. Emeritus, Hon Treasurer of the Int soc chemotherapy, SAAARMM Award of Excellence Kuala Lumpur 2015, Hon Member of Society for Anti-Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine Malaysia (SAAARMM), 2014, Hon Member of Slovak Society of Medicine, Hon Member of European soc of chemotherapy Munich 2000, Council Member of Int soc infect Dis Boston, Executive Committee member, ISC London, UK, Editor in chief Acta Chemoth, Associate Editor NEL Stockholm, Chemoth Basel, Honorary degrees in letters/hon Dr) Budweis 1999, Varna 2000, Scranton PA 2006, Warsaw 2014, Cambridge 2015.

Prof Dr Karl J Neeser

Karl J Neeser, PhD, born 1947, is one of Switzerland’s leading Anti-Aging Research Scientists and author of several anti-aging books. He is a worldwide appreciated Health Consultant, Key Speaker, Board Member and Senior Lecturer at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine A4M, and lives in Switzerland and Bangkok/Thailand where he is currently a Professor at Chulalongkorn University College of Public Health Science. One of his special fields is “The Exercise-Health Connection”. Furthermore, he works with scientists from Canada in the field of Molecular Resonance Effect Technology and its Influence on Human Physiology. 

Prof Dr Peri Haj Ali

Graduated medical school at Comenius University Bratislava PhD in Public Health Science at St Elizabeth University Bratislava Worked as a medical doctor in Iraq, Greece, Cambodia, Slovenian, Hungarian and Austrian Borders for development and humanitarian projects of St Elizabeth University Bratislava.

Prof Dato’ Dr Selvaraj Y Subramaniam


MD (USM), MSc (UK), MBA, DBA, PhD (EU) Fellowships; FFIMS, FFSEM (Ireland), MFSEM Overseas & MFSEM (UK) FINEM (INMA, India), FRNS (UK), FMNM, ABAARM (USA), FMNS, FSSEMM, FSAAARMM Letter of Credentialing and Privileging, Aesthetic Medical Practices (LCP) President, Society for Anti-Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine Malaysia (SAAARMM)

Dr Kamalakaran Karanakaran

MBBS, PGDip Occ Med (UKM), MSc Public Health (St Elizabeth University, EU) FAGE (Manipal), FINEM (INMA), FSAAARMM Board Certified Physician (ABAARM) Diploma in Aesthetic Medical Practice (St Elizabeth University, EU) Diploma in Nutritional Medicine (St Elizabeth University, EU) Diploma Family Medicine (Academy of Family Physician, Malaysia) Diploma In Reproductive Medicine (UPM) Diploma in STD and HIV (Prince Songkla University, Thailand) Occupational Health Doctor (NIOSH)

Dr P Sivaroshan

MBBS, MSc Public Health (St Elizabeth University, EU), FAGE (Manipal), FSAAARMM, FINEM (INMA) Board Certified Physician (ABAAARM) Diploma in Aesthetic Medical Practice (St Elizabeth University, EU) Diploma in Nutritional Medicine (St Elizabeth University, EU) Certified Occupational Health Doctor (NIOSH) Manipal Alumni Association Malaysia – Vice President


Dr Sharmila Ramasamy

MBBS (MMMC, Manipal), MSc OSHM (UUM) MSc Public Health (St Elizabeth University, EU), FAGE (Manipal), FINEM (INMA) Diploma in Aesthetic Medical Practice (St Elizabeth University, EU) Diploma in Nutritional Medicine (St Elizabeth University, EU) Occupational Health Doctor (NIOSH)

Dr Tan Hiang Liang

MBBS (IMU, Mal), FINEM (INMA, India) Diploma in Nutritional Medicine (St Elizabeth University, EU) Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM, USA) Certificate in Thread lift (Ultra V), Practitioner (IAMA, South Korea)


Prof Dr Andrew Charles Gomez

MBBS (Nagpur), FRCS (Edin), FRCS (Glas) MSc Public Health (St Elizabeth University, EU) Diploma in Aesthetic Medical Practice (St Elizabeth University, EU) Diploma in Nutritional Medicine (St Elizabeth University, EU) Consultant ENT Surgeon


Prof Dato’ Sri Dr Michael K S Chan

Chief Technical Consultant and Researcher in Stem Cell Research and BioMolecular Therapy for European Wellness Centers Group, Stellar BioMolecular Research (SBR), Germany. Nexgen BioPharma, Switzerland. FCTI Precursor Stem Cells, Europe.

Professor – Cellular Research (Hon), Faculty of Science and Biotechnology, conferred at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Doctorate conferred at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Sabah, Malaysia. Masters (Regenerative Medicine).

Prof Dr Dmitry Klokol

MD, Ms (surgery, regenerative medicine), GCP, PhD

Head of Medical Advisory

Group International Medical Director; Stellar BioMolecular Research, Germany; European Wellness International Group (EU, Switzerland, Asia-Pacific). Medical Degree (Doctor of Medicine) LSMU, UA. Specialization in General Surgery in LSMU, Faculty of Post-Graduate Education, Department of Surgery. Sub-Specialization in Surgical Endoscopy completed in DSMU, UA. Post-graduate Course in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Odessa Medical University, “Virtus” Plastic Surgery Center. PhD in Surgery completed in Institute of Emergency and Reconstructive Surgery, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. Good Clinical Practices. National Institute of Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health, USA.


Master level post-graduate course in Regenerative Medicine, Netherlands.

Dr Patricia Pan

Researcher and Medical Biotechnologist. PhD in Biotechnology, University Malaysia Sabah. Master of Biotechnology, University of Malaya. Bachelor in Biomedicine, Management Science University (MSU), 2002

Dr Patricia Pan is a researcher in clinical microbiology, environmental microbiology, animal cell culture, and medical biotechnology, with specialty in gene expression profiling and immunology. She is an ardent advocate of safe and best practices in the application of biological properties in consumer products, and now trains medical professionals on safety and product usage in the field of regenerative medicine

Dr Vladimir Chernykh

Cell Therapist, Aesthetic Doctor Medical Doctor (Consultant). Dr Chernykh Vladimir is a Medical Advisor, Clinician and Speaker specializing in dermatology, stemcell research and regenerative therapies for the aesthetics. 

Dr V Chernykh completed specialization in dermatology and subspecialized in Aesthetic Dermatology. He discovered his strong inclination and passion towards anti – aging medicine and started to participate in professional trainings and master – classes in aesthetics. As a professional in the anti – aging industry today, he has been actively travelling around the world being involved in various international seminars, conferences, workshops and meetings to further enhance his knowledge and expertise in the anti – aging industry. 

With his vast experience in this industry he was a speaker and trainer for international aesthetic industry companies in dermatology, mesotherapy and lasers in aesthetics. In 2017 Dr V Chernykh received an offer to work in Asia. Nowadays Dr. V. Chernykh lectures widely, and has spoken in numerous anti-ageing conferences worldwide, as well as published in international academic journals.

Dr Mikhail Teppone

Dr Mikhail Teppone, a medical doctor with over 35 years of medical experience gained primarily in Russia and then in Canada. Dr Mikhail coordinated researches and clinical trials in the field of therapeutic application of electromagnetic waves of millimeter band. Based on that study a new therapeutic modality (EHF-Puncture) that united modern technology and ancient theory of TCM had been designed. As a medical co-author Dr. Teppone coordinated development of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment designed for Holistic Medicine. Since 2012 Dr. Mikhail Teppone carried out research and development in the field of Cellular therapy, Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation programs. Professional Education included General Medicine (1975-1982), and Neurology (2003). Postgraduate professional training included Acupuncture, Electrotherapy, Lazer Medicine, Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Therapy, etc. Dr. Mikhail Teppone participated at the Conferences and Congresses as a Speaker or an Exhibitor in Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific region.