The Beginning
A group of 10 medical practitioners from different specialties saw the need to form the Society for Anti-Aging Medicine in Malaysia and the first meeting was held in Lake Club on 19th March 2002.

The driving force behind our Society was Dato’ Dr S. Harnam Consultant ENT Surgeon. The proactive members were Dr SS Gill, Dr Guna Sittampalam, Dr Alex Gurubatham, Dr Aman S Kaulsay, Dr Nadarajah, Dr Ruban S Nathan, Dr Naganathan, Dr Low Bin Tick and Dr Lee Chee Hin. Also need to be highlighted that on board was an associate member Datin Jessie Harnam who was in the founder members list and devoted her time and energy maintaining a secretariat.

The 10 founder members were all elected to the Protem Committee and subsequently elected in the Inaugural Executive Committee from 2002 for a period of 2 years. The Protem Committee had seven meetings and had the Inaugural Annual General Meeting on the 30th July 2002.

An Extraordinary General Meeting was also held on the 22nd October 2002. The Inaugural Exco Committee was elected and members were elected uncontested to their respective post as per the protem committee.

The Transformation
The Society was registered as “Society for Anti Aging Medicine, Kuala Lumpur” on 16th May 2002, and subsequently when there were members from seven states registered, the EXCO deemed it fit to rename the society as a National body and was called “Society For Anti-Aging Medicine Malaysia”. The amendments were passed by the registrar of societies on 27th January 2003.

In 2006, Aesthetic Medicine was being actively pursued by our members and as such the society went through another round of reformation and was renamed as Society for Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine.

In 2008, stems cells technologies were introduced into Malaysia and American Board of Anti Aging Regenerative Medicine (A4M) had regenerative medicine incorporated into their organization. As such, our society went through the next round of transformation and named “The Society for Anti-Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine, and the abbreviation of the society as SAAARMM”.

The Society’s name in Bahasa Malaysia as per the registrar of societies Malaysia is “Persatuan Perubatan Anti-Penuaan, Astetik Rejeneratif Malaysia.”

The New Specialty
Anti-Aging Medicine is a fast growing specialty. It is a model of healthcare for living a long healthy life in this fast paced world. It promotes innovative science and research to prolong the healthy lifespan in humans. It uses advanced scientific and medical technologies for the purpose of early detection, prevention, treatment and reversal of age-related diseases.

By 2012, A4M membership reached 22,000 plus from 105 nations worldwide with 85% of A4M membership being physicians.

Founder President, Dato Dr S Harnams Journey
It all started in 2000, when our Founder President Dato Dr S Harnam saw it fit that we need to change our outlook on aging. Dato Dr S Harnam noted that growing number of elderly patients are moving into old folks home due to their morbidity. He was not happy about sending people to old folks home. He saw that aging is causing tremendous burden to the patient, family and the nation. He had a vision to help the elderly to be independent and doctors need to change their mindset towards aging. He felt that degenerative diseases of aging were treated symptomatically resulting in considerable impairment of quality of life, increasing morbidity and mortality of the aged.

He could not just imagine seeing nations packed with nursing homes for the elderly. So something had to be done. This was when he met Dr Robert Goldman, who was in Melaka as a judge at a bodybuilding competition there. He had heard about this famous gentleman. He decided to drive up to Melaka with 3 others. Dr Goldman graciously shared his valuable time and enlightened him on what Anti-Aging Medicine was all about. Later with great dedication Dr Goldman delivered an eye opening lecture which was attended by many physicians’. That is the beginning of the birth and history of Anti-Aging Medicine in Malaysia.

The path was not easy but he persevered. The society’s membership of doctors saw an increase in registration over the years. As the membership grew, the Ministry of Health took notice of the President’s effort. Dato Dr S Harnam is a well-respected man and many a time his opinion has been sought by the Ministry of Health concerning Anti Aging Medicine.

The President and his executive committee organized the First Conference and Exhibition on Anti Aging Medicine which was held at the Nikko Hotel on May 1 – 3, 2004. Following a good jump start that year, the conferences and exhibitions have been held on an annual basis. Our society has since seen an increase in both in the participants and sponsors. Both local and international fraternities look forward to this annual event.

Founder President’s Achievements in Anti-Aging Medicine
The Founder President’s effort was not left unnoticed. Dato Dr Harnam was acknowledged in Las Vegas with a Leadership Award by the World Academy of Anti Aging Medicine of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine (A4M and the American Board of Anti Aging Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM) in 2008. He was appointed on the Advisory Board of A4M, Medical Committee of Aging Research and Education (MCARE, A4M Ethics Committee, Distinguished Member of the Scientific and Executive Board Governing The American Board of AntiAging Medicine *ABAAM. He was appointed Honorary Scientific Advisor of European Council of Aging Research Education *ECARE

Since then he has been invited to speak at many national and international conferences in US, UK, Spain, Turkey, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Indonesia.

It was indeed a pleasure and a privilege for Dato Dr S Harnam to bestow a citation on to Dr Robert Goldman at the 12th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine in December 2004, in Las Vegas on the conferment of the First Honorary Fellowship of SAAMM.

The Founder President’s Retirement
The Founder President is well respected by the members. After laying the foundation and infra-structure and serving as the President for 8 years, he decided to leave the helm of management. (to the younger breed.) On April 30, 2010, Dato Dr S Harnam made an announcement to retire as President and paved the way for our current President Prof Dr Selvaraj Y Subramaniam.
The continuation of leadership: Prof Dr Selvaraj Y Subramaniam
The years passed with many successful conferences and the Inaugural International Congress on Anti Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine was held concurrent with the 8th Malaysian Conference and Exhibition on Anti Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine on 30th March to 1st April 2011 at Shangri-La, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was a great start and our congress has grown to be one of the best in the world. It was also the first time when we had over 20 countries taking part in our event. The congress also saw an official event car sponsored by BMW.
The President’s Reformation:
Education: Master in Science (MSc) in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Medical Aesthetic.
Prof Dr Selvaraj Y Subramaniam took the society to the next level. It all began when Prof Dr Selvaraj lead alongside Dato Dr S Harnam and Dr Anandan Subramaniam who together as a team did the write up and submission to the Malaysia Quality Assurance for higher learning and the first ever Master of Science in Anti Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine at UCSI University was born in 2010. The President Dato Dr Peter Ng of UCSI University was very supportive in our society’s effort in education and the first ever Faculty of Anti Aging Regenerative Medicine and Medical Aesthetic, under the School of Medicine was formed. The two Presidents have good professional relationships. This laudable effort made by Professor Dr Selvaraj, Dato Dr S Harnam and Dr Anandan Subramaniam was made on a voluntary basis and has opened up education and career opportunities within the University. The Head of the Faculty OF Anti Aging Regenerative Medicine and Medical Aesthetics is a SAAARMM life member Dr Deepali Sharma. The MSc was the biggest achievement for SAAARMM in education at tertiary level.
International Congress: 1st International Congress on Anti-Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine
The next first was the bringing of over 20 International speakers and delegates and it was then when the Inaugural International Congress in Anti Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine was held in conjunction with the 8th Malaysian Conference and Exhibition on Anti Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine in 2011. The congress also saw the first ever congress car sponsorship by BMW Pendragon Auto and saw the latest X5, X3 and 5 and 7 series being used during our congress. International flags were hoisted and participants were amazed with our progress.
SAAARMM’s 10th Anniversary. The Royal Presence: His Royal Highness Sultan Muhammad V Sultan of Kelantan
In 2012, we are proud to announce that we are now a decade old as a society. In this auspicious year, we have another first of having a VVIP guest to grace our congress, His Royal Highness Sultan Muhammad V Sultan of Kelantan. We are all are honored to have a royal presence for the first time ever and His Royal Highness shall also officiate our Grand Opening Ceremony and our Grand Gala Dinner on the 28th April 2012. We are fortunate to have a royal presence on the society’s 10th Anniversary. As a token of appreciation and for the first time, we have included a Grand Gala dinner complimentary invitation to all our registered delegates to celebrate our 10th Anniversary of SAAARMM’s formation.
Public Involvement: Public Forums
The President saw it fit to have a meaningful Public forum. It is the 4th Public Forum to be held ever since it was started in 2007 and the idea was mooted by Dr Selvaraj and program coordination with Dr Anandan Subramaniam.

The Public forum has grown to be a popular event ever since then and the 2012 was themed “One Health for All. Over” the years this Public forum has given the public a better exposure.

This year we have a separate registration for the Pre-Congress Master Class which will be held on the 27th April 2012. You can choose to attend, to learn and gain more skill in the practice of Anti-Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine. on this emerging field of medicine. Attendance is complimentary as well since conception.

Joint Symposiums
1ST SAAARMM/SSEMMM Joint Symposium on Anti-Aging, Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine and Sports & Exercise Medicine
The President saw it fit that we create close relationships with other medical societies. The 1st Joint Symposium was done with Society of Sports and Exercise Medicine (SSEMM) on 21st November 2010 at The Rapport, Kuala Lumpur. The registration fee was the lowest ever imposed of RM50. Members from both societies participated and it was an impressive one. The SSEMM President Prof Datuk Dr Mohd Mydin Mohd Musa congratulated SAAARMM President for organizing a wonderful symposium and for his vision.
1st Joint SAAARMM/PMPS Joint Symposium on Anti Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine
It was another Inaugural Joint Symposium with the Penang Medical Practitioners Society (PMPS) at The Northam, Penang on the 17th March 2012. THE PMPS President Dr Vejayam Rajoo welcomed members of the both societies and was very impressed with this emerging new field of medicine. He thanked our President for an impressive symposium and the organizing Chairman Dr Sharma. During his lecture, the SAAARMM President Prof Dr Selvaraj Y Subramaniam appealed for support of SAAARMM’s cause to promote this new specialty. He also highlighted our success (in our success) in the privileging and credentialing for aesthetic medicine practice and our stand on Anti Aging Medicine with the ministry of Health. The message was so powerful that many signed up as life members and the membership crossed for the time ever the 700 mark. Congratulations and thanks to the members from Penang and Northern Region.
One of the Largest Medical Societies
SAAARMM’s membership stands at 708 on 17th March 2012. SAAARMM is now one of the largest medical societies in Malaysia. This is another level of achievement for SAAARMM under our President’s leadership.
The President’s Achievements
Our President Prof Dr Selvaraj Y Subramaniam spent his time and energy to bring our society to the next level. His involvement in Anti Aging Medicine started in 2003 when he was the second Malaysian after Founder President Dato Harnam to pass the Diplomate in Anti Aging Medicine where he sat for his examination in Singapore. In February 2006, he passed his ABAARM board certified physician examination in the USA.

Since then he was invited as a keynote speaker in many congresses and the biggest achievement was in December 2008, he presented as the key note speaker with his topic “Fish Oil – Omega 3 as Anti Inflammatory. What, When and How” at the 11th World Anti Aging, Regenerative and Biotechnology Conference & Exhibition December, Las Vegas, USA. He is still active speaking at many International Congresses.

He was an examiner for the ABAARM board certified physician examination since 2008.

He was elected as the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine (A4M) Vice President for Asia and he mooted the idea of having the ABAARM board certified physician examination to be held for the first time in Asia. He was then invited as the A4M official and represented the A4M Chairman Prof Dr Robert Goldman to the 10th Asia Pacific and 7th Indonesian Conference and Expo on Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine, from 21st to 23rd October 2011 at Sanur Bali Indonesia.

President’s Recognition and Awards
The President received numerous awards and acknowledgement form SAAARMM and A4M. He received his A4M Outstanding Contribution Award in 2008, A4M Leadership Award and SAAARMM Presidential Award from Founder President in 2011. He also was awarded the A4M Asia Leadership award in Bali 2011.