Welcome to the
Society of Anti-Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine Malaysia

SAAARMM is dedicated to reforming healthcare, so we can all look forward to an extended healthy life span with vitality and vigour. This speciality has drawn tremendous support from healthcare professionals globally, because of its evidence-based, preventive approach to wellness.

Embrace Aging

SAAARMM is a non-profit Society dedicated to:

  1. Promote the highest standard of teaching, study and research among those engaged in the practice of the art and science of anti-aging and related diseases in the best traditions of medicine and medical ethics.
  2. Convene scientific meetings for lectures, seminars, symposia or clinical demonstrations.
  3. Coordinate training programmes in Anti-Aging Medicine.
  4. Encourage support groups comprising senior citizens to help them in various ways to improve the quality of life.
  5. Publish newsletters, educational materials, journals, magazines, etc to disseminate knowledge on Anti-Aging Medicine.
  6. Develop quality control programmes in Anti-Aging Medicine.
  7. Act as an information center.
“The society recognizes practicing members by creating the patient charter, defining the speciality and to certify and recertify our practicing members for the safety of our clients.”Prof Dr Selvaraj Y Subramaniam JMK
News & Events

2015 SAAARMM Conference Final Announcement

This most sought after Anti-Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine Conference of the year will not only provide the perfect platform for all to get together

1st Asia Professional Certificate In Aesthetic Medical Practice (PCAMP)

The Professional Certificate in Aesthetic Medical Practice (PCAMP) is specifically designed for medical general practitioners who wish to develop their clinical

13th Asia Pacific Symposium A4M World Asia

Proudly introducing the first retreat workshop to learn about the functional and anti-aging approach to balancing women's hormones, preventing breast cancer, treating hypothyroidism and more.